Peter hits the sweet spot as an editor in that he's great at taking an overview of a project but also rolls his sleeves up and interrogates the details. He's been absolutely invaluable on Darkness Visible.

–M.R. Carey, bestselling author of The Girl with All the Gifts

I have had the good fortune to work with Peter on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ongoing comic series, as well as a few special projects. Besides the fact Peter is a great person, I have enjoyed and utilized many of his thoughts, perspectives, and ideas as part of my creative process. I look forward to continuing to work with Peter as part of our overall TMNT writing team, and plan to keep him in mind for some of my other creator-owned and Heavy Metal publishing concepts/projects.

–Kevin Eastman, co-creator of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and publisher of Heavy Metal magazine

Peter's skills as an editor of both story content and form of the written language have been beyond invaluable for me, particularly since English isn't my first language. He has helped me grow exponentially as a writer in the course of a few months, and was a key support in making Sword of Ages the book that it finally became.

–Gabriel Rodríguez, co-creator and artist of Locke & Key and creator, writer, and artist of Sword of Ages

Peter works to drive creator clarity, breaking down boundaries between a storyteller and their audience. And he does it without shattering a creator's precious ego! Don't sleep on Pete(r)!

–Caleb Goellner, writer on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Amazing Adventures

Peter possesses an uncannily sharp editorial and analytical eye and a keen ability to articulate his nuanced response to a piece of writing.

–Susan Conley, award-winning author of Paris Was the Place

I can vouch for Peter's abilities both as a writer and as a first-rate critic of works-in-progress. He is well read in the fantastic genres in general and fantasy in particular. Of special note is his ability to articulate his thoughts about craft and theme. But aside from his editorial skill set, you should know that Peter is a cheerful and outgoing person!

–James Patrick Kelly, Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author of Think Like a Dinosaur and Mother Go

Working with Peter is great. He's communicative, conscientious, easy to work with, steady, and even when we give him something that's both high priority and last minute, he keeps showing up to pull us out of the fire. He's awesome, and you should hire him.

–Setsu Uzumé, assistant editor of PodCastle

Peter has a surgeon's touch for word choice and pacing alongside an architect's eye for continuity. He clearly invests himself in his work with a passion—it shows in every question, every suggested elaboration or curtailment. If you want to get every possible bit of subtlety and craft from your work, send it to Peter.

–Charlie Allison, author and scholar

One of the main reasons I hired Peter to critique my short stories is because he has a great sense of story. His commentary is always thorough and insightful, providing notes on everything from characterization to themes to plotting. I always look forward to receiving his feedback on my work because I know that his suggestions and editing will help elevate my manuscript. I highly recommend Peter's services if you're looking for a professional and skilled editor.

–Minerva Canto, journalist and writer 

Peter isn’t just an editor; he’s an experienced, multi-genre book editor, with a vast store of professional knowledge about the publishing industry. Peter’s edits enabled me to work through larger plot and structural problems in my manuscript while also addressing conventions specific to my genre. His editing has made me a better and more interested writer and reader.

–Nancy Grudens-Schuck, writer

Peter really is the best, fastest, smartest copy editor I have ever come across. Oh, and he’s also funny and lovely (not necessarily in that order).

–J Brooke, writer

Peter is an exceptional editor. Not only does he catch ordinary spelling and grammatical gaffes, he reads for meaning and tone to adjust authorial focus and intent. He remembers what he reads and checks continuity and facts. He is smart, experienced, and sensitive—and has great story sense. He is also extraordinarily hard working and productive, meeting deadlines. Peter loves his work, and you’ll love it, too.

Guy Immega, author of Super-Earth Mother