Lit & Lore caters to all genres, though we specialize in speculative fiction. Whether you're writing a fantasy novel, a personal memoir, a sci-fi screenplay, a lyric essay, or a horror comic, we offer a variety of editorial services to suit your needs.

Have something different in mind from what you see below? Tell us about your project, and we'll send you a custom quote. We're also happy to provide a sample edit (up to 1000 words) to help you determine if we'd be a good fit.

Are you a small press? We offer per-project and hourly rates to give you more flexibility. Send us an e-mail, and we'll tailor a service to fit your budget.


Developmental Edit

Just finished a draft, but don't know what to do with it? We'll help you pull apart your story, find the problems, and fix them.

The Developmental Edit is a high-level look at the structural elements of your story—setting, plot, pacing, character, voice, and theme. This is the best option for writers trying to figure out what their story needs next.

Rate: 1.2 cents per word.

(Note: Grammar and punctuation edits are not included in this service.)

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Line Edit

Have your story structured just the way you want, but your sentences still aren't cutting it? We'll help you hone your prose to a razor edge.

The Line Edit focuses on sentence composition, point of view, clarity, and flow, as well as grammar and punctuation. This is the best option for writers who want to prepare their manuscript for submission to agents and publishers.

Rate: 1.5 cents per word.


Copy Edit / Proofread

Worried you may have misplaced a comma? We'll help you give your manuscript that final polish before you send it off.

The Copy Edit / Proofread is a thorough review of grammar, punctuation, usage, consistency, and continuity, and it includes fact checking where applicable. This option is for writers looking to buff out any lingering blemishes in their manuscript.

Rate: 1.5 cents per word (heavy), 1 cent per word (light), 0.6 cents per word (proofread only).

(Note: A sample edit will allow us to determine whether a manuscript requires "light" or "heavy" copy editing, based on the number of errors we find.)


Query Letter / Synopsis Critique

Ready to start querying agents? We'll help you make your submission materials shine!

The Query Letter / Synopsis Critique is an in-depth evaluation of your entire submission package. This option is for novelists who already have a polished manuscript and are now seeking representation.

Rate: 1.2 cents per word.